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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  November 28, 2009 10:30am-11:00am EST

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you've been nan task. really had fun with you. "the cost of freedom" the number one business block on the tv continues with "cavuto on business" "cavuto on business." [captioning made possible by fox news channel] >> hold out your hand. [applause] >> one, two, three, four, five. you like that? >> harry nancy and monte noverp already $ let's get reaction from ben stein, dagen mcdowell and dave nelson.
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gary, you saw senators vote or one senator's vote was purchased for $300 million. others received $500 million and you stay worst is yet to come? >> well charles this is not any ordinary showtime this is what is known as the biggest redistribution of wealth in history author when i see a congress nba and if up are to you just want to puke at that point in time and nothing is going to change. the good news is there's an election and the good american people to and what's going on down there for so long. has this set the fwar higher appear i would call it suddenly
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approaching treasfra this administration is operating the climbing-warping ebs new orleans they all can throw a curve and wind up spending less. hoax. this is not based on anything real but a foe the entire health care stp, ben, that they knee know -- >> hey, do you know what you didn't show? monte's doling out the money to the clown, which is appropriate. 3w then you do the big reveal and there's your big ole heehaw donkey back there which is what the persons a fuel efficient
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vehicle these days, that might be what you drive in the future. dave let's get some react from you snow in 2003 the medicare prescription bill was held up and wasn't even vote on until they could cut off the back steals. >> do you hear the numbers, demore -- he would have to slow down. >> slow down what? >> the process. it's a 2.5 trillion and zphope
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-- in fact it's going in the other direction. >> dagen's right we have to have skin in the day. so we're making the right choices. >> monte hall gave out the network's money through advertising. the money that is being giveren out right now to these politicians are money, our hard-earned money, and i'm just trying to figure it out. i've been talking on my radio for nine months. i don't know when this ends but doesn't look like it unless and until bankrupt city for this country and the gold and status revineage out of this mess. sfoir say did it sound like whatever was necessary and the republicans are far from blameless, the taxpayers are
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just biten upon by the vampire politicians and except an inflation down trode and they go to washington and do that you shoy people are just like vampires. >> exactly correct. the real blame rests with the voters. the voters do not take the trouble to discipline themselves and say i'm goiming forth vote for the guy who makes the heart choices instead of the guy-to-it's your very, very right. we have a very bad political class at this point. i'm sorry to say you're right at this poo. we had the last great me to do
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you think someone like mary landrieu who brags about getting $300 million. is that going to hurt or help her? her election? >> with it's snow they know that's the attitude of a law make, and thin the lawmaker knows that's attitude of the people back at home. once you break that, particularly in the senate, if we can start thinking about the country as a whole and what is it working in the best interest of the country, of everybody then maybe something can change. >> as far as fee -- words are going to leave our economy, ben is already saying it's a disaster and we're going to end up bankrupt. what do you think? >> i don't know if we'll end up alone and friday but a at so
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ponce to it's the heart of this problem. >> then stop laughing about earmarks like $2 million to the great me to to mass jefferson said the recession would end when voters realized they you are the novep clearly a benefit for the tax -- >> he says -- may lit arely be insane with the plan for your tax dollars and three tax hikes hikes coming down the pike. @
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>> that is fox news alert. i'm dana lewis. russian authorities are telling us that an overnight train wreck here was indeed the work of terrorists. it took the lives of more than two dozen people. a high speed train from moscow to st. petersburg was 4 1/2 hours through its journey when disaster struck. passengers say they were thrown from their seats, through train cars, some actually squeezed down to half their size as the train began to quickly slow
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from 124 miles an hour when the bomb went off. four cars dre railed. one russian authority put the death toll closer to 30. russian sources say that they don't know who carried tout attack. bomb resident due was detected at the scene and i'm dana lewis. >> so much to do, so little money, so what's washington going to do about it? raise taxes of course. the latest plan a 57 war tax to pay for afghanistan war and a sir tax for health care and if you're looking at that. the tax rate is going to top 507 for americans that are most likely the job creators. you say the biggest hit will be felt in the job market. >> well, charles in my hands
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right here is a tax schedule from 1975, 70% tax rates, and i asked how well were the late 1970's for businesses? people, business people and owners make money miss decisions to hire people are going to head south because successful business dener. he's doing to pay an extra $75,000 in taxs? these taxes are crazy. >> well, in this environment, too, gary it's even worse because we've got a 10-plus percentage unemployment rate but it's the uncertainty of what the tax code will look like a year from now or two years from now. no business owner in his or her right mind would go out and
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hire people if they don't know what the playing field is going to look like just short payroll to >> where does it stop? >> yes so the taxes will not by themselves generate an end to prosperity or keep the re session the 60's and 1970's. the problem is dagen, the love of my life snailed precisely is the uncertainty certainly about health care, taxes and cap and trade and energy properties and nop business man in his right mind would go out and hire in an atmosphere now. it's like mr. obama is fwonet discourage that and we need
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predictability and he wants to damage it. >> butday, you know what, there they're talking object let me take an untraditional role and be the voice of reason here. >> i knew when i saw your haircut. >> i take issue with that. >> americans hate bad news. we want bigger -- we have bigger problems and we have to pay for these problems and taxs are going to go up. this is not a normal recession. this is unlike anything we've known in our life times. eight months ago on the show we were going to talk about the it's how -- tpts mindset. >> that's is a great point. >> it's the mindset that the
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government knows better. i can spend your money better than you can. >> well gary k. also the issue is maybe they're redistribute no >> oh, they are very good at that. just look stat health care bill, iten doesn't go into play three or four years but if we don't pass that right now the world is going to end. dagen made a great point when you suck out capital from private industry and put it into washington, private industry suffers. we're see sooing that every day. people can't get jobs but let's tap the job create to we keep talking about 10% unemployment. i'm worried about 157-20! . and ste these problems have
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been decades in the making hu >> the job losses. job losses are going to happen because this is not a normalal, typical recession. >> ripping up the entire striss in the field just to name one, that is a democrat, white house-led overall. that's one of the biggest commercials. you really bee -- >> yeah. we will be better te after the bush tax cuts went in until the effect our economy came out of the recession. meanwhile washington watch out. cavuto is coming. live this thursday. he's going to have donald trump and tom ridge.
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that's just a few of his special fre up next, a special thanksgiving message from president obama. share a bounty. pepo pupil ross houpping stow e
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>> coming up, president obama wants america to give thanks by sharing the bounty. mmm. has he seen the deficit?
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>> sharing our wealth is a common theme from the white house. here's part of president obama's annual pro stock la may go. >> i encourage all the people of the united states to come
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together to express appreciation to those whose lives enrich our own. ben, are you going to get a social security check or iou because with $12 trillion in debt i don't know if there's any bounty left to share? >> well, i'm not going to get social security. this is city a country in which well to do people have a lot to give to less we forpe there's no more money throughout mr. obama for you to spend on your fantasy projects. weaver broke. >> there are some people out there. an andy warhol silk screen went for big money. but you brought up a point. it's somebody making $250,000
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or $300,000 or the small business owner. >> everybody will feel the pain. it channels down this past year, $3.5 trillion were spent tor snore but you have to have something to give. and i'm sorry the well has run dry. the taxpayers are spent and pent right now. you can psych -- it would be less than that. >> go ahead. >> i wanteded to say something about bounty. we are a very generous nation. but shouldn't it be left up to the individual on his or her own to figure out how the sneand bounty. in washington they think the
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government should make the decision on how that should be shared. >> seems like a lot of times the president may be playing to a different audience. what do you think, twice sthore -- >> are you really? >> come on. >> what would you say to the nation, charles? what would you say to the nation? >> i'd say success isn't a four-letter word. share the money with who you give it to. >> i think that's the kind of thing you talk about monday through friday but on a thanksgiving day i'm not going to beet him up over that. we're not shareing a piece of pie with the neighbor next door. we're took there's peep not out there buying the andy war
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normal silk sthoirp people come here, do what they wanted to. make their decisions and that means starting businesses. the freedom to do that. to provide for their community family. the danger is that is disappearing. that opportunity, because of greater o'maybe it was so sort of tax nevs me to do you think they'll actually change and go in that it's about taking control from the individual troif -- that's what the hoax is about. everything they are doing ho and we're going to make it fix and haurp this administration is about a hoax that america is not a great country.
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>> gary? >> i don't call it social control. i call it down right mean. people are out looking at losing a out in the past and that is just down right mean naurp up next oures know the names that will make your bank account plumper than a butter ball.
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>> no leftovers here, our gang has stocks to give you a real bounty. >> i'm going with altria group. a lot of defensive issues started to kick into gear. there's a company that's cash cow 7% dividend so i allow the action and everything it's doing right now. >> ben, you like this one? >> it's an unbelievably well-run company. it's a always been, it's a great company. >> and then before we get to your pick. we a brag alert. we know you like the index plays. when this market was dropping you said the spiders are fre i like e.f.a. well, you're very kind.
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i liked photothe dollar's long-term few is not bright. >> david, you like this one? >> it's ok. safe play. middle of the road pick. i just think there's better things out there. >> well, what's one of the better things? >> well, i've got a stock people are just dying to get into it. funeral cemetery sounds boring but the baby boomer generation is going to hoe to fopesfope what do you? i >> for david, speak for yourself. i'm not dying just yet. i think it's going to be a double digit stock. i look for stocks that are acting well in the market. i see this over 10.


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